Exquisite Truffle at it's finest.

“Discover Modern Qatari Hospitality”

Revel in delicious Middle Eastern cuisine served up with the famous Qatari hospitality and service in Doha.

A large, sunken majilis is perfect for large family meals, while the embossed glass boxes offer VIPs the chance to enjoy some privacy. The outside terrace is home to traditional Arabic tents, where oversized Shishas can be enjoyed as the sun sets over Qatar.

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If you’re looking to feed your office or event crowd with delicious, nutritious wholefoods made with love and gratitude, you’ve come to the right place.

Healthy Living & Healthy Eating for All!

With nutrition awareness becoming more prevalent than ever, we are now seeing an increase in healthy catering requests from our corporate clients.

We can provide you good food and help you feel good too!!!

Event Management

Orchestrating bespoke events to create lasting experiences is a science and art that we have mastered serving a long and distinguished clientele.

Events Big or Small we do it All

Our expertise, ranging from concept creation to event direction and management has earned us our reputation as professionals with capacity and talent to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary in the following:

Exhibition / Conferences / Product’s launches and Opening Ceremonies
National and Sports Days
Corporate Gala Dinners / Awards & Graduations
Festivals / Entertainment / Family Day

Corporate Partnership

The world of development continues to change apace with new administrations, new needs and as a result, new opportunities.

Worry not, We got it all for you

Our corporate partners’ interests often align with our own whether that is understanding market failures to support the creation of new market opportunities; investments in building our colleagues capacity to create greater impact; or in speaking together to shape conversations and influence policy and investment.


We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination. We are here to help you in all your event needs.

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